Friday, March 6, 2009

Cops Gone Wild Part 31: The Allegedly Rape An Inebriated Woman You Are Supposed To Be Helping Home Edition

I have been watching this story unfold all week.

In December 2008, a cab driver called the police when an inebriated woman began to regurgitate in the back of his cab. The cab driver likely thought that he was doing the right thing, and was helping the woman get the assistance that she needed. However, this was the point that the woman's nightmare allegedly began.

The two police officers who responded to the call escorted the woman home. Then one, or both, of the officers allegedly raped the woman sometime that night. Surveillance video shows that the officers returned to the woman's apartment twice that night, within a 2 hour span of time. Certain news outlets are also reporting that the officers allegedly entered the woman's residence with a key at least once.

The Gothamist states that one of the officers initially claimed that he had consensual sex with the woman. However, witnesses and video attest that the woman was too intoxicated to consent.

According to The New York Times, in the course of investigating this situation, officials started to become suspicious when they were unable to account for the officer's memo book- which an officer is required to use to log all of their movements. The New York Times also states that a grand jury is expected to be impaneled to review this case in the upcoming weeks.

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