Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Elsie Law's Daily Dose Of The Law: Today's D.O.J. Ruling Will Determine If Mayor Bloomberg Has A Chance To 3-Peat

Today is the deadline for The U.S. Department of Justice to render a decision that will determine whether or not New York's Mayor Bloomberg will have the opportunity to run for a third term. In a controversial vote performed by The New York City Council, the Council granted the mayor- and other New York politicos- the right to occupy their positions for more than two terms. However, The Department of Justice will have the final say.

The quest for New York to abolish term limits for their politicians was deemed discriminatory by some. According to The New York Daily News, Randy Mastro (one of the attorneys who petitioned the D.O.J. to keep New York's term limits in place), has stated that: Since 1993, no minority candidate has ever unseated a White incumbent for a municipal office in New York City...It's a textbook case of a civil rights violation." Today the Department of Justice will declare whether or not they concur with Mr. Mastro's assessment.

[SIDEBAR: Either way many New Yorkers are not happy with the bullying tactics, and disloyal political flip-flopping that went on within The New York City Council in order to attempt to bring an end to term limits. This will hopefully be reflected in the polls when voting time rolls around. Voters should not caste their votes for politicians who play in the mud to get their way, and/or fail to keep their word to their constituents.]

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