Thursday, March 12, 2009

Elsie Law's Daily Dose Of The Law

Information that a police officer put on his social networking internet pages reportedly came into play during a recent court case. According to The Gothamist, a defendant was able to escape weapon charges when he provided evidence that the officer who arrested him had some sinister comments on his MySpace and Facebook pages.

The Gothamist states that during a trial, the defendant's arresting officer had to address why he had his MySpace mood set to "devious" on the day that he arrested the defendant. The officer also had to explain why his Facebook status stated that he was "watching Training Day to brush up on proper police procedure."

The most incriminating online comment the officer reportedly made was a response that he left online regarding an arrest video, in which he allegedly stated: "If he wanted to tune him up some, he should have delayed cuffing him...If you were going to hit a cuffed suspect, at least get your money's worth 'cause now he's going to get disciplined for a [EXPLICITIVE] love tap."

While the officer, who was also previously suspended from his job because of steroid use, allegedly dismissed his online rantings as "bravado talk, like what you say in a locker room"; others took them more seriously.

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