Monday, August 4, 2008

Conspiracy Theory Or True Story: The Killer Flu Edition

The U.K. government is warning that a global flu pandemic, that could result in 50 million deaths, is on the way. According to the United Kingdom news source, "The Independent," UK officials are, "calling for urgent action to build up early warning systems across the Third World that can identify and neutralize outbreaks of potentially deadly new strains of disease before they are swept across the globe by modern trade and travel." They are also calling for: "new action to monitor animal diseases, warning of the potentially disastrous effects of conditions such as the H5N1 bird flu virus jumping to humans, and demanding that Britain step up funding for the WHO (The World Health Organization) to tackle the threat."

Is this warning: a shadowing of things to come (population-control theorist, stand up), hysterical conjecture, a plot to inoculate people with a "vaccination," or a combination thereof?

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