Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The United States' Top Oil Suppliers

Contrary to popular belief, The Middle East is not The United States biggest supplier of oil.

Check out this excerpt from Al Gore's book, "The Assault On Reason:"

"Actually, the largest supplier of oil to the United States is Canada, and our second largest is Mexico. Saudi Arabia is only our third largest supplier. (The fourth largest is Venezuela). But the Persian Gulf still dominates the top of the list of world suppliers- and since the market for oil is largely integrated globally, any disruption of oil supplies or prices originating in the Persian Gulf would quickly have a cascading impact on the world market for oil- and on the United States' economy."

[SIDEBAR: Canada is our #1 supplier of oil, and President Bush still wants to literally blow hot air at them? (SIDEBAR WITHIN A SIDEBAR: CLICK HERE for my article, "Global Cooling For The Unites States," to see what I'm referring to). That's not the usual m.o. for the greedy & the pandering. I wonder what he has up his sleeve when it comes to our oil supply. Let the educated guessing begin.]

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