Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Conspiracy Theory Or True Story: The Pet Cemetery Edition

The East Hamptons area of Long Island is getting international attention- and not for their famous summer parties. This time the spotlight is on the popular posh vacation spot because of an odd, partially decomposed creature that washed up on the local beach's shores.

The creature, which has been dubbed the "Montauk Monster," is of unknown origins. It somewhat resembles a hairless dog; but it also has an eagle-like beak, and elongated paws.

There has been speculation all over the globe as to what the creature actually is. Is it a shell-less turtle, an unknown marine mammal, a governmental lab experiment gone awry, or just a media hoax? Whatever the Montauk Monster is, it is now also a kidnapping victim.

The corpse of the now-famous creature was allegedly stolen from the backyard of the man who discovered it. [*Cue up the spooky horror story/whodoneit movie theme music*]

[SIDEBAR: This is exactly why I don't mess with New York beaches. You never know what's lurking in those waters.]

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