Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Doesn't The MTA Make More Than Enough Money Selling Ad Space To Corporations?...

Riders can not step into a MTA train station, train, or bus without being inundated with ads. (Check out the swanky Target ad pictured above (courtesy of flickr), that allows train riders to plug their earphones into the billboard attachment and preview music). The passer-byers on the street are also not immune to this. Outdoor bus stations, and the outside of train stations, are currently being outfitted with new, flashy, high-tech advertisements. So my question is this: With so much advertising space being hawked to deep-pocket corporations, why is the MTA constantly raising the fare?

Why are the mostly working class and middle class commuters being saddled with the responsibility of filling in the MTA's supposed budget gap? Aren't the MTA's cups overflowing with marketing dollars from corporations? I smell a rat? Don't you?

[SIDEBAR: Aren't some of the MTA ads a little over the top with raciness? (I have some flicks, I'll post one day...Just remind me).]

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