Monday, August 11, 2008

A U.S. Navy Submarine Leaks Undetected Radioactive Water For 2 Years

A U.S. Navy submarine that has made trips to Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Guam, and Hawaii, reportedly leaked radioactive fluid as it did so. The leaky submarine has been allegedly emitting radioactive water since 2006. However, the Navy only recently discovered this when a build up of leak-water caused a covered valve to pop open, and spill contaminated water onto a sailor's leg.

According to, the U.S. Navy has stated that "the leak was minor in both volume and radioactivity, and the radioactivity from the leaks in all foreign ports added up to less than that found in a smoke detector." Also, the sailor who was exposed to the radioactive water is said to have tested negative for radiation.

If the sailor who was exposed in fact tested negative for radiation, the question arises of: What were the effects that alerted Navy officials to the fact that the water was contaminated? There must have been some type of abnormal side effects that the inflicted sailor experienced after his exposure to the water that tipped them off to the presence of radioactive material.

[SIDEBAR: What effect does a radioactive leak from a submarine, however slight, have on sealife, and other forms of nature? I wounder if a radioactive leak could have been the cause of the creation of a creature like the Montauk Monster. (CLICK HERE for the recent article, "Conspiracy Theory Or True Story: The Pet Cemetery Edition," for a background on the Montauk Monster.)]

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