Monday, August 11, 2008

The Precipitation Provokers

The procedure of "seeding clouds" allows scientists to manufacture rain. The controversial process calls for firing chemicals, like silver iodide, into the sky to increase the likelihood of rainfall. Seeding has been performed by contractors, like the North American Water Consultants, for over half-a-century. Los Angeles County has been one of their off-and-on clients since the late 50s.

A recent summertime, statewide drought was the reported catalyst of the state of California contracting the weather consultants to induce rain for them once again.

There are many critics who have voiced how detrimental cloud seeding can be. Rain making experiments can lead to flooding, mudslides, and other environmental hazards. According to Times Online, Don Griffith, the President of North American Weather Consultants, has turned a deaf-ear to the dissenters who think weather manipulation is wrong, by saying: "We are helping Mother Nature along a bit." However, I must ask: When has interfering with Mother Nature ever been a good idea?

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