Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Elsie Law's Daily Dose Of The Law

Jim Crow laws were laws that were enacted in the United States in various states and municipalities, with the express purpose of implementing racial segregation.

Jim Crow laws were prominent for almost a century. They emerged the year slavery supposedly ended, and continued until 1965.

These laws were the laws that made it legal for Black people to be coerced to: sit on the back of the bus, drink out of "Blacks Only" water fountains, use "Blacks Only" restrooms, and attend segregated schools. Jim Crow laws also prevented Black people from using libraries, parks, and other "public" facilities in certain states.

The proclaimed origins of the term "Jim Crow" is varied. Some say that the name came from the term "Jump Jim Crow," which was a mocking song-and-dance used to belittle African Americans. Others say that the name came from a slave character that was created by a New York City born White actor who helped popularize blackface.

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