Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cops Gone Wild Part 16: The Slide Out The Whip And Pistol Whip A Motorist Edition

A New York City man who was allegedly pummeled by two off-duty female police officers in a road rage incident, is suing the city for $25 million.

The widely reported event resulted with the lawsuit filing motorist incurring head injuries so severe that twenty-five staples were required to close his skull. The motorist was allegedly beaten by the officers when his car door blocked the way of the officers' vehicle. Upset at being delayed, the off-duty cops allegedly initiated an expletive laden verbal assault on the motorist. When the motorist responded in kind, the female officers allegedly escalated the situation by becoming physical.

The victim and witnesses recount that the two women exited their vehicle, and proceeded to pistol whip and mace their provoked adversary while shouting: "Do you know who you are-f-ing with? We are the police."

As a result of their actions, the two police women were charged with gang assault, and have been stripped of their guns and badges. Both officers plead not guilty to the charges at a recent arraignment. Meanwhile, the recovering motorist is seeking eight figures for his pain and suffering. The $25 million amount that he is suing for appears to be comparable to the equation of $1,000,000 per skull staple.

[SIDEBAR: At least the motorist in this situation is still alive to sue. In another recent off-duty cop/road rage incident a young father lost his life, and no charges were filed against the officer involved. CLICK HERE to read about the details of that situation, in a previous blog entry entitled, "Cops Gone Wild Part 3: The Killer Road Rage/Duck A Breathalyzer Test Edition."]

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